Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh Feb 6 in Tech Corner Tags: Galavanting Gringo
DoneDeal Galvanting Gringo in Mexico's Galavanting Gringo, Stephen Walsh is now in Mexico. Here's what he's been up to.

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Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh Dec 27, 2016 in Tech Corner Tags: Galavanting Gringo

Hola a todos! Stephen from the iOS team here. I’ve got some pretty cool news – on January 1st I’m heading off to Mexico City for a whole month! Then I’m in Columbia for two months. And then Peru. Followed by Argentina, Czech Rep., Serbia, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. In fact I’ll be travellingContinue reading

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Ronan Doyle Ronan Doyle Jan 19, 2016 in Tech Corner

The Android Marshmallow operating system (Android 6.0) brings many new features and functions to the Android playground. From a developer’s perspective at least, the most important of these is the new system permissions model. Permissions are used to grant or revoke an apps access to particular features of the device they are being used on.Continue reading

Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh Jan 10, 2016 in Tech Corner

A Modest Proposal Introduction Today, flat design is the de facto visual language for both app-based & web-based user interfaces. Bold, clean and monochromatic visuals define the look and feel of what we expect apps to be – and for the most part this is a welcome change over the skeuomorphic interfaces of 2012 &Continue reading

Cen Breathnach Cen Breathnach Nov 4, 2015 in Tech Corner

On the new iPhone 6s, Apple have added a cool new feature called 3d touch. This enables users to press harder on an object and get a contextual menu of different options. I think this is a pretty cool feature and look forward to adding it to the DoneDeal iOS app in the coming weeks.Continue reading