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Fiona from Cork (pictured right) enjoys touring in camper vans so much she's gone through two in two years. Listen to her story and read our Buyers Guides to buying a camper van.

Aoife Aoife Jun 11, 2015 in Tips Tags: Equestrian Equine
Horse shoe with four leafed clover beside it

If you’re taking horse dealing into your own hands, there are a number of things you can do to help make the experience run smoothly and to cut out any time wasting.

Be it a horse, pony or cob, a horsebox or lorry, equipment, feeding and bedding, an event or indeed any sort of equine related item, get the ball rolling by placing your ad.

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Communion and birthday money can be the first experience of money burning a hole in their pocket for a child – and impromptu purchases. A good way to deal with this disappointment is for parents to place the unsuitable item on DoneDeal and get some money back quickly.

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Selling unwanted items is an easy way to make cash. Here's how to make money from items that aren't in the best of condition – by being up front about it or getting it fixed first

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Are your parents or grandparents in need of a serious house clear-out? Are they looking for a bit more disposable income? Give them a hand by showing them how easy it is to offload unwanted items for cash