Image of Rachel Schoene, our resident fashion blogger


Hi, I’m Rachel and I have just joined the DoneDeal team as a fashion blogger. 
I am a Dubliner with my eye on all things current. Fashion trends for all and enhancing individual style are my two great passions.

Some trivia you may not know about me:

  • I am a social butterfly, I love to attend Press Releases, Launch Parties, and FASHION related events.
  • Schamoozing with the fashion elite in our vibrant capital is my favourite activity (as well as shopping, obviously)!
  • I have two fabulous daughters named Lexi and Lola who are my mini fashion protégé’s (although I am not quite sure they are aware of mommy’s endeavours for their fashion fierceness!)
  • I have an incredibly cute stepson named Travis, who is the all singing all dancing member of our family. Andrew Lloyd-Webber had better watch out for this kid!

There is a lot more exciting Rachel related trivia you readers may not yet know about me, but I am sure all will be revealed throughout my fashion blogs for the DoneDeal fashion section. Once I start typing, you will be amazed at the news, tips, hot gossip and experiences that I leak!

What I do:

Well I am the brand spanking new addition here at DoneDeal. I was recently approached by the gorgeous Agnes Healy (Head of DoneDeal Marketing) and asked to write about fashion, style and all things trendy, using DoneDeal’s extensive fashion section as my guide.
Therefore, to answer the question what do I do right now? I am fashion blogging for DoneDeal and loving it.

What have I been doing?

I am a currently a fashion writer for Ireland’s leading on-line fashion magazine. I also blog commercially for various publications both here and in the U.K. I am hoping to sink my teeth into DoneDeal over the coming months and who knows where that may lead for me and for DoneDeal.
The fashion section of DoneDeal has exploded recently; in my view, the world is DoneDeal’s fashion fairground and I am very happy to be on the carousel.

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