Hi, my name is Finbarr. I joined DoneDeal in October 2012.  I spent 31 years in An Garda Siochana so coming to DoneDeal was such a breath of fresh air. I love the feel good factor in the office. There are lots of young highly skilled people there. They never cease to amaze with me with their talents and good humour.


Finbarr, Security Liaison

My interests:

I Like working on my allotment at the weekends. I look forward to the spring, getting the plot ready and planting the veggies. There’s nothing like cooking your own spuds and carrots and experiencing the real taste of fresh veggies. My other hobbies are sailing and photography.

What I Do: 

I work closely with Melrona, Aoife, Paula and the support team. I take care of Customer safety and security issues. This is a very important part of customer care at DoneDeal. If you have any safety or security concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help you.

Cheers folks.

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