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Chilean Andes

Stephen Walsh, DoneDeal's Galavanting Gringo shares his latest adventures: The South American Bit - Some Things You Should Do in America Latina

Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh Feb 6, 2017 in News & Awards Tags: Galavanting Gringo
DoneDeal Galvanting Gringo in Mexico's Galavanting Gringo, Stephen Walsh is now in Mexico. Here's what he's been up to.

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Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh Dec 27, 2016 in News & Awards Tags: Galavanting Gringo

Hola a todos! Stephen from the iOS team here. I’ve got some pretty cool news – on January 1st I’m heading off to Mexico City for a whole month! Then I’m in Columbia for two months. And then Peru. Followed by Argentina, Czech Rep., Serbia, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. In fact I’ll be travellingContinue reading

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