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DoneDeal verify ownership of cars for sale!

How Greenlight worksTo make our marketplace as trusted as possible, we’re working with our car dealers and private sellers to add a GreenLight verification to all vehicles for sale on DoneDeal.

The Greenlight verification is a new initiative driven by DoneDeal in our continued effort to build a marketplace where buyers can have complete peace of mind during their vehicle buying journey.


What does it mean for a seller?

Motor dealers and private sellers can now take an extra step when selling their vehicle on DoneDeal to verify ownership by supplying their logbook number. Using data directly from our records we match the registration and logbook with information in this database.


Basic History Check with Greenlight verification

We check if the vehicle was ever logged as a Category A or B* write off in Ireland, if it is we don’t list the ad on

We check if the vehicle was originally imported, if we find that it was, we display this on the ad. If the vehicle was imported we encourage our users to do a full history check to include the UK since we can’t check the write off status outside Ireland.


Greenlight Verification is free

We don’t charge either the buyer or seller for this history check since we know this is a really important factor to consider when searching for your perfect vehicle. We do however, always encourage our users to do a full history check when considering their next used vehicle purchase.


How Greenlight Verification will look on ads

How Greenlight will look on ads



*About Category A or B write offs
Category A
The vehicle must be scrapped and no parts or components can be sold other than for scrap. Amounts vary but the scrap value rarely covers the cost of recovery and delivery to a scrap yard. Category A is severely damaged, total burnout or flood damage with no serviceable parts, or already a stripped out shell. In the UK the DVLA will require a “Notification of Destruction”. In Ireland this vehicle would have to be disposed of in an authorised treatment facility and have a death certificate issued and the vehicle then becomes End of Life (ELV).
Category B
The vehicle must not be used again but non- structural and roadworthy parts and components may be recovered for use in other vehicles. Care must be taken to ensure that they are not critical components with important safety functions. A Category B will have been damaged beyond economical repair, usually with major structural damage. In the UK the DVLA will require “Notification of Destruction” but parts can be removed and sold on. In Ireland this vehicle would have to be disposed of in an authorised treatment facility and have a death certificate issued and the vehicle then becomes End of Life (ELV).






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  • Avatar Wesley says:

    This doesn’t work on my car and it’s a genuine car and so on, makes of mockery of my add and I’ve paid full price for it, very unfair

    • Avatar Donna says:

      Hi Wesley,
      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, our support team are looking into your particular issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Avatar Joe Dunleavy says:

    Hi.I think if your serious about stopping fraud in the motor section you need to go a bit further. I was the victim of a serious fraudster on done deal where i lost a large sum of money. The add was put on done deal with a sim card which was then discarded. The email address was set up with it,the add was paid for with it, and it was used for contact purpose in the add. I think adds should only be accepted with a credit card or some type of id that could be traced back to the seller I have lost in the region of 14,000 euro because of some scumbag who can place adds at will without the fear of being traceable. The system you now propose to use can still be abused by using details from legitimate adds as before. I hope you will give my idea some thought. I know it would make the system less user friendly , but it would make it safer to use and much more credible. Regards Joe.

    • Avatar Donna says:

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your suggestion of only payments from a credit card, I’ll pass that onto the product team to see if that is something they could work on.
      In the meantime, verifying vehicle ownership is exceptionally important and will massively help our Motor section.
      I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. We work with Gardai from all around the country to help them investigate cases – if you get the Garda you reported the incident to to contact us at support[@]donedeal[dot]ie, we’d be happy to give them all evidence we have here to help with their investigation. I know we have helped with many successful investigations so it would be worth doing.

  • Avatar Gregg says:

    Hi DoneDeal,

    I like the concept of the green Light Verification. However I have an issue of highlighting that a car is not an import. The angle seems very anti-imported cars – as if to suggest that they are bad? We import over a hundred high quality cars from the UK every year. They are all grade one vehicles sourced directly from dealer networks. I feel your verification implies that it is a positive that a car is not an “import”. My question is why? Most “imports” are superior cars than the ones sitting on forecourts or private seller driveways. I feel you need to revisit this.



    • Avatar Donna says:

      Thanks for the feedback Gregg, I’ll pass it onto the team. If you have any more feedback, feel free to send it directly to the product team through this link:
      You can also see this link on the bottom of each page on our website.

    • Avatar Christy Muldowney says:

      Hi i see your point about imports however if I was in the market for a used car I certainly would want to know if it was an import I was going to view reason being UK car’s if not properly cared for can be complete rust buckets having said that not all of them are. So I think it’s important to highlight wheather or not it’s an import.

    • Avatar John says:

      Totally agree with Gregg here.
      Especially when it comes to buying off main dealers.
      Buying off a Mercedes dealer in the uk is exactly the same as buying off a Mercedes dealer in Ireland. Only difference is the Uk car will be loaded with plenty more extras.

  • Avatar John says:

    My car is Irish not an import and the Greenlight verification doesn’t work either… perhaps you should work with Department to iron the obvious glitches before you champion this…

  • Avatar Andrew says:

    Hi DoneDeal,

    It would be no harm to state that you need to type in the whole 10 letter/number code on the log book, not just the last 7 digits as stated in the instructions. After much frustration I realised the 7 digits arent enough, you need the C10/C15 also. Slightly misleading instructions!

  • Avatar Pat says:

    I think this is a great idea … any and every little helps when selling and buying a car

  • Avatar Eimear says:

    How do you remove the greenlight status?

    • Avatar Donna says:

      Hi Eimear,
      It’s not possible to remove the status. As it’s a free add on for everyone and since it’s a huge incentive for buyers to be able to see upfront that you are the registered owner and get the history check, it’s worth your while inputting the details and having your ad Greenlight verified.

  • Avatar Niamh says:

    I got a green like get verified yesterday when I posted the ad. Now today it’s gone?
    Any thoughts. It has only had one owner etc.

  • As a motor dealer for over 14 years we signed up to the green light system as we were under the impression that the dealership would recieve the accrediation as a genuine dealer,and we thought this was a good thing, once we saw that our one owner hand picked UK imported vehicles could not recieve the green light standard we removed the dealership from the system completely as the wording on the site was very anti import and we did not agree with it.
    Lets not forget that there are no cars manufactured in Ireland and therefore every vehicle is imported.

  • Avatar Andrew says:

    Hi, where do private sellers enter their cars details, the above link appears to be for dealers only?? I am using the mobile app.

  • Avatar Ivan Brown says:

    I’ve tried to apply this greenlight verification to my car and it won’t register it, even I own the car, have the log book and the next certificate.
    Not happy at all with this feature

  • I want you to immediately take down the information that we published about my car, it prevents me from selling it. I’m very disappointed with what you do

    • Kerrie Kerrie says:

      Hi Aleksandrs,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I see that you have already been in contact with our Customer Support Team on this matter. If there is anything else you would like help on, please get back in touch with them by emailing hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie.

      All the best,

  • you say “we can’t guarantee its write-off status” that’s mean you clearly saying it’s car write-off.this is not true everybody who read that straight away have a big question buy or not to buy this car. you breaking law. take this down immediately.

  • To get Greenlight verification, my daughter has moved to USA and she wants me her father to sell her Saab car, which she owned from new. I would be great full if you could give me help with this request. I do not have her driving licence, I have all other information .

  • Avatar noel leahy says:

    hi green light team I am still waiting on a refund i didn’t not get the report and would like a refund

  • Avatar Jim says:

    Seen an ad in motor section green light certified bla bla this car is not an import and the speedo is in miles in the pitures so whats going on

  • Avatar Daniel Mugan says:

    I don’t understand this system. It asks questions about a “dealership” but I’m simply a private seller. I’m also shocked that Done Deal has published my name on the ad. I didn’t give you permission to do that. Please explain how I can give you details without these confusing headings

    • Kerrie Kerrie says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Greenlight verification allows you to add your logbook details to your ad to prove to any potential buyers that you are the owner of the vehicle. The logbook details aren’t displayed on your ad but it provides buyers with peace of mind when purchasing. In relation to your name being used in your ad, you can change your account name at any stage through your DoneDeal dashboard. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie.

      All the best,

  • Avatar Daniel Mugan says:

    I object to the way you use Greenight. I didn’t see any mention of Greenlight when I was placing my ad and am shocked to now see your comments about not being able to verify the details of me or the car and about me not having provided any details. Those comments give the impression that there could be something dodgy about either the car or myself.
    There is nothing dodgy about either. You need to clear this matter up immediately. Explain how to put it right

  • Avatar paul says:

    classic case of trying to fix something that isn’t broke,,does anyone remember how easy and cheap it was to put an ad up on done deal a couple of years ago,.I imported a car from the UK last year and was just getting ready to put it up for sale until i saw this green light nonsense, i wont be using done deal as i don’t fancy potential buyers treating me as if i’m up to no good..Thankfully done deal is not the only game in town..most people are honest and you are creating an atmosphere of paranoia … well done

    • Kerrie Kerrie says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not happy with DoneDeal’s Greenlight verification. The purpose of Greenlight is not to create an atmosphere of paranoia, the purpose of Greenlight verification is to provide potential buyers with peace of mind when purchasing a car. If you have any feedback on how you think we can improve our Greenlight verification feature for private sellers, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie.

      All the best,

  • Avatar Tim Kelly says:

    I’ve inputted my logbook no. for my car which is on DoneDeal for sale for over a month. It’s telling me the Verification is pending and no matter how many times I do it , it’s the same answer, pending.
    What the hell is going on with your system. This is the 3rd email I’ve send about this issue in the last few days without a reply! I’m the sole owner of the vehicle. This is false advertising on your part. Contact me ASAP. Tim

    • Kerrie Kerrie says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sorry that you’ve been experiencing problems adding Greenlight verification to your ad. I’ve checked with our customer support team and they don’t have any record of your email address contacting them in relation to this issue. If you’d still like to add Greenlight verification, please contact our customer support team at hello[@]donedeal[dot]ie and they can help you.

      All the best,

  • Avatar Gabrielle Keenan says:

    I have just placed an ad for my car, and when I entered my document number as instructed, your site did not recognise it, so i could not get the Greenlight verification. Since I have owned the car for twelve years, and have the logbook in front of me as I write, I find this frustrating. Could you check this for me, as I want to add this to my advert?

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